Smart home technology is all about the automation and management of your daily life. Many tasks that once required human interaction have been made easier thanks to new automated technology. Perhaps the most important benefit to home automation is that it lets you customize your home to fit your family’s unique needs and lifestyle.

A home is usually the largest investment that a person makes in their lifetime and today building a new home offers more benefits than ever before! Here’s a quick list of reasons why so many home buyers prefer to build a new home versus buying an existing home.

Spring marks the perfect time to build your dream home! 2016 will bring its fair share of new home building trends, from layouts to materials used. Below are ten home building trends to watch for.

Fall is here! Now is the perfect time to start thinking about preparing your home for winter. By following these ten simple tips you can ensure your home will be protected from damage during the harsh winter months.

This year brought a lot of new home design changes and trends from emerging color palettes to new textures, uniques living spaces and everything in between. Fall is finally here, and as Wausau Homes prepares for the winter building season we're sharing this season's newest trends!

When building a house, you may not know where to start. Most potential homeowner start by perusing different plans they find available online. Many home builders offer sample floor plans, so there is no shortage of layouts. Floor plans will help you develop ideas about what you want your home to look like, and act as a stepping stone to make your dreams a reality. The number of plans can seem overwhelming, but having accessible floor plans to look at will help you prioritize the most important room in your home.


According to the National Association of Home Builders, pocket offices are one of the biggest trends in new residential design. The pocket office is typically located in a compact area with a desk space dedicated to managing the home activities.

Allendale, MI (May 2015) - The hammering has stopped and the dust has settled.  It’s time for new Wausau Homes builder Duke Schut to celebrate his Grand Opening! He is hosting an open house on Saturday May 16th from 12:30 pm to 3 pm to offer a look at the future of home-building. He is located at 11307 Edgewater Drive in Allendale.

The new year marks the perfect time to think about building a dream home.  2015 will bring its fair share of new home building trends. But we can also expect to see some older trends to stick around.  Overall, expect to see more free flowing homes that are equipped with both energy efficient and automated features.

Native to the Alpine region in Europe, most chalets look like they’ve come straight out of a mountainous backdrop. Swiss inspired chalets were introduced to America in the mid-1800s by architect Andrew Jackson Downing

The process of building a home and finding the perfect lot can be an exciting but also a tedious project. This is mainly due to the shortage of developed lots and the rising prices of outdated homes. This makes the option of buying a new lot much more attractive.

A new marketing and sales strategy focuses on reducing buyers' anxieties...

Rothschild, WI (April 2010) – Wausau Homes is celebrating its 50th anniversary with a bang. For every home sold between now and the Fourth of July, the Midwest builder will donate $2,000 to Operation Homefront, a well known national support group for America's military families.

Wausau Homes announced the contribution as a meaningful way to celebrate its 50th year building homes in America’s Heartland. All Wausau Homes’ builders throughout the Midwest will celebrate the anniversary with a Grand Reopening Open House on April 10 for people to learn more about Wausau Homes and their partnership with Operation Homefront. Local homebuilders will offer refreshments, design center tours, American flag pins and a variety of other activities.

Announces $2,000 Donation to Support Troops for Every Home Purchased Between Now and the Fourth of July

Rothschild, WI (April, 2010) – The hammering has stopped and the dust has settled. It’s time for local Wausau Homes builders across the Midwest to celebrate their Grand Re-Opening with an open house on April 10 to offer a look at the future of home-building. As part of the celebration, for every home purchased between April 1-July 4, Wausau Homes will donate $2,000 to Operation Homefront to support the families of America’s troops.

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