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History & Philosophy

The Wausau History story originated as a dairy route in rural Marathon County Wisconsin. The Schuette Brothers used profits from that modest milk route to purchase a sawmill, where raw timbers were processed into framing lumber.

After the war, the brothers developed that sawmill into a one-stop building center, where contractors could purchase all of their materials for home construction from one source. With all the elements for home construction in place as their building center, the brothers tinkered with a revolutionary concept in home building. This pioneering concept became Wausau Homes Incorporated.

For 50 years, Wausau Homes has perfected a system of homebuilding that has revolutionized the industry: Controlled construction. It’s a system of finished components that can be easily transported and erected at the job site. The system is now widely used by hundreds of homebuilders because its value is not only in cost containment and speed, but also in quality control and engineering excellence.

Integrating the technologies of computerization in architectural engineering and manufacturing, Wausau Homes can customize each house according to the individual homebuyer’s design.

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What Sets Us Apart

We started out as a lumberyard in the 1950s in Wausau, Wisconsin servicing stick builders. We believed there had to be a better way to build homes. We pioneered, and for nearly 50 years we fine-tuned a complete building system that is recognized as one of the best in the industry.

We work exclusively with independent professional builders in local markets because they know the local laws and regulations, they have established relationships with reputable subcontractors in the area, and they are the most suited to do the best job for you. Your Wausau Homes builder should help you with every step in the home building process.

Builders select our building system because it helps them control costs, reduce risks and speeds up the construction process. Homeowners benefit from these features as well.

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Core Values

These statements describe how we will conduct our business each and every day:

Integrity: Being Honest and Fair

Humility: Willing to Serve

Stewardship: Making the Organization Better

Work Ethic: Having Initiative, Dependability and Discipline

Passion: Strong Belief in What We Do

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Wausau Homes is a member of the National Association of Home Builders, various state Home Builder Associations, and represents the industry at the Uniform Dwelling Code for Wisconsin. Local Wausau Homes builders are generally members of their local chapter of the National Association of Home Builders.

Wausau Area Builders Association Wisconsin Builders NAHB

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Community Involvement

Wausau Homes is a strong supporter of many charities and specific programs that benefit youth and housing in general. Special projects include:

  • Building and donating the nation's first combined Girl Scouts/Boy Scouts Center
  • Building and donating the Mead Wildlife Center, a Wisconsin environmental educational facility
  • Pioneering and donating materials to a unique partnership between several high school construction programs and Habitat for Humanity to teach construction skills and build homes for the needy
  • Build a special playhouse for a special little girl for the Make a Wish foundation
Boy Scouts Community Foundation United Way
Junior Achievement of Wisconsin, Inc. Habitat For Humanity Girl Scouts

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