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Our Building Process

The Advantages of Component Construction

Unlike traditional Stick Built Construction, Component Construction offers a controlled environment, precision fitting, and ensures that every home stays on budget, and is delivered on time. Simply put, Component Construction is a faster, smarter way to build homes.

Increased Productivity

  • Component Construction is streamlined and efficient, both in the factory and on-site. You can build more homes, faster, and with less hands-on oversight.
  • After each home is designed with our 3D home-viewing software, each piece is cut and fitted to exact specifications. There is no risk of expensive and time-consuming retrofitting.
  • Large components are pre-built in our state-of-the-art factory then delivered and assembled on-site—homes are built quicker, and with less labor or overhead costs.

Total Customization

  • You can build any home the customer wants, even from a hand-drawn sketch. Or, start with one of our 119 floor plans. The process is the same.
  • Our floor plans have been designed by leading national design firms but even these can be modified to fit the lifestyle needs of any customer.
  • No matter what options or designs the customer chooses, the efficiencies of Component Construction allows every home to be delivered with a firm price. No exceptions.

Superior Products

  • From shingles and siding to interior finishes, every Wausau Home is built with quality name-brand suppliers offering style choices to match the desires of any customer.
  • Every builder’s Design Studio offers a place where customers can see, touch, and choose every option they need—from doors to faucets. It’s a powerful sales tool.
  • With our software you build every customer’s home in a 3D model first, ensuring every choice is confirmed before construction even begins. There are no unwanted surprises down the road.

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