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Component Construction

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The Wausau building system process begins by engineering your custom home on a 3D computer system. Our engineers analyze the home to make sure it is structurally sound.

The 3D engineering system interfaces with our order management system to order all of the material needed to build the home.

To ensure the best quality, components are built as floor panels, wall panels and roof trusses in our state of the art production facilities. The 3D engineering system interfaces with computer controlled saws to accurately and efficiently cut material. Specialized equipment is used to build the components in a quality and efficient manner. And the best part is that the components are built indoors in a controlled environment, which minimizes weather damage and job site theft.

The custom components are loaded onto trucks and delivered to the job site. A typical home is delivered on three loads.

At the job site, our local Wausau Home builder puts in the foundation and supervises a four-person subcontract crew that assembles the components onto the foundation using a crane. The crew generally completes all of the framing in 2-5 days depending on the size of the home.

Exterior completion material such as siding and shingles are delivered with the framing components. Our Wausau Home builder coordinates the installation of these materials after framing is complete.

On the inside of the home, the builder coordinates plumbers, electricians, insulating contractors, sheetrock hangers and drywallers.

Once drywalling is complete, Wausau Homes delivers the remaining interior completion materials such as cabinets, countertops, interior doors and trim. Our Wausau Home builder coordinates the installation of these materials and the finishing of the home.

This is a very efficient process that can all happen in as few as 3 months to move-in date.

What is the difference between Component
Construction and Stick Built Construction?

Stick Built Construction refers to the building method where the entire home is built at the job site stick by stick. Today, few homes are built completely as Stick Built Construction because most homes use components that are built in a factory such as roof trusses, windows, pre-hung doors and cabinets. Component Construction just continues the trend by building walls and floors as components.

Both Component and Stick Built Construction follow the same local building code and use the same traditional framing details. Component Construction builds inside in a controlled environment, on specialized equipment with all of the materials within easy reach. Stick Built Construction builds outside on the ground in all types of weather and has to work with material wherever the lumberyard dumps it.

The main advantages of Component Construction are that the builder has much better control of their costs, the homes are framed in much more quickly and there is less weather damage and theft at the job site.

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