Your kitchen design needs a dependable work surface and your countertop can be that finishing touch that brings your entire kitchen aesthetic together. There are many countertop materials available, so it can be difficult to choose the right one for your new custom home. Explore the pros and cons of common countertop materials to choose the right fit for your design and budget.

Schlage door hardware offers an easy way to enhance the style of a home, keep it safe, and even make it smarter. Trusted in millions of homes, we create stylish, innovative products that bring the possibilities and potential of every door in your home to life.

Finding an ideal lot for a family home or pristine lakeside land for your dream vacation home can be a difficult task, so many home buyers are turning to rebuilding a new home on their existing lot. Replacing an existing home is increasingly becoming one of the most popular methods to gain more space, manage maintenance costs, and save money. Instead of investing in costly repairs and renovations on an older, smaller home, consider working with a professional Wausau Homes builder to design a custom home that will keep your family safe and comfortable. Learn how to determine if rebuilding on your current lot is right for you.

Meet our October Builder of the Month, Ben Fredrick of Wausau Homes Marshfield. With over 20 years in the construction industry and their award winning realtor background, this power couple is incredibly talented. Keep reading to get to know Ben and Ashley on a more personal level with our Q&A.

You may think building in the winter is out of the question due to the harsh weather, but you may be surprised to hear that your local Wausau Homes builder can get the job done. Find out how your local custom home builder can create a safe, efficient worksite through the winter months and how you can benefit from this convenient build schedule.

Winter can be hard on homes. Whether you experience heavy snowfall or sub-zero temperatures and a few flurries, it’s important to protect your home from the effects of the winter season. Here are some pro building tips for homebuyers looking to design a home that’s built to withstand the harsh winter weather.

A custom home should be filled with personalized features and quality materials. If you’re considering working with a local Wausau Homes’ Builder to design a new home for you and your family, use this helpful guide to determine the most popular flooring choices for each area of your new home.

Meet our October Vendor Spotlight, Windsor Windows! They have come a long way since Windsor built their first window in 1946.

Building a custom home is an excellent opportunity for homeowners to decide the details of every inch of their properties. Budget constraints can make it impossible for you to get everything you want. Even so, you can prioritize the areas worth saving on versus the areas you should splurge on. An experienced Wausau Homes builder can review your budget and compare it to your preferences. He or she can then advise you on where you can save money to make room for your must-haves.

Meet our October Builder of the Month, Dave Meurer and Kyle McClanahan of Wausau Homes Rochelle. Dave and Kyle have many years experience in the home building industry. Keep reading to get to know Dave and Kyle on a more personal level with our Q&A.

One of the most important questions when planning a custom home is the price. This can be a major source of stress if you don’t have accurate custom home pricing before the project begins, so work with Wausau Homes to discover how you can find out an accurate price on a stunning home in your area. The two most common ways to price a custom home are ballpark and square foot pricing. Ballpark pricing gives you a range of possible prices that can be refined as you make specific decisions on the types of exterior and interior material selections you want. Explore the pros and cons of both methods to see why our builders prefer ballpark pricing.

When looking for eligible locations to build your beautiful custom home, you may have encountered a home owner association or two. Some people praise these organizations for the amenities they provide and for maintaining a certain standard within the communities they serve. Others share conflicting stories of HOAs overstepping boundaries. The truth is that both of these experiences are correct. How is that possible? Like any organization, HOAs differ based on the people behind them. Because of this, when buying a lot that falls within an HOA’s limit, do your research before purchasing. The good news is that when a good association manages your neighborhood, you can count on great amenities and protection of your property value. Use these guidelines to determine if the pros are worth the cons.

Meet our September Vendor Progress Lighting. Design inspiration, quality products, and innovative technology have been at the heart of Progress Lighting's success since 1906.

Meet our September Builder of the Month, Scott Duffy of Wausau Homes Cedar Rapids. Scott is a premier home builder that offers guidance on everything from creating a custom home plan to selecting the interior and exterior features that will make your home unique. Scott is a local home builder with years of experience in multiple aspects of the home building process. Keep reading to get to know Scott on a more personal level with our Q&A.

When you find yourself in the market for a new house, one of the first choices you need to make is whether to buy an existing house or build new. There are pros and cons to both, and ultimately, your decision will be decided largely by your family’s circumstances and your budget. But even when you have a neat pro and con list written out, building a custom home versus buying an existing home can be a tough decision. We’re here to help! Keep reading for details that will help you make a decision you feel good about.

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