Finding an ideal lot for a family home or pristine lakeside land for your dream vacation home can be a difficult task, so many home buyers are turning to rebuilding a new home on their existing lot. Replacing an existing home is increasingly becoming one of the most popular methods to gain more space, manage maintenance costs, and save money. Instead of investing in costly repairs and renovations on an older, smaller home, consider working with a professional Wausau Homes builder to design a custom home that will keep your family safe and comfortable. Learn how to determine if rebuilding on your current lot is right for you.

Check Local Permits and Policies

The first step when considering a rebuild is to check with local building authorities and research zoning policies. Homeowners fear they will face possible building restrictions, however many municipalities support home rebuilding because it increases the overall property value of homes in the immediate area.

Unless the home is condemned or located in a conservation area, the permitting process is fairly straight forward and approval is likely since the principal of the residential development has already been established.

If the home is condemned, there may be additional regulations and permits required to remove it. This doesn’t prevent you from rebuilding a new home, but it can add to the cost and timeline of the project. Navigate these features of your property with the help of a local build team.

Preserving Memories After Home Demolition

Demolishing a current home is never an easy choice, as many unforgettable memories may have been made at that residence. But replacing it with a new one is a great way to achieve the dream home you deserve, without giving up the community you love.

Preserving features from the current home and incorporating them into the new design is the perfect way to memorize the older home. Our Wausau Homes builders will walk you through the demolition process and explain ways to refurbish pieces to incorporate into your new home to preserve some of your favorite memories. Refurbishing materials could in some instances save you money on foundation and excavating costs, allowing your builder to keep these expenses and changes in mind when quoting your final rebuild price.

Timeframe & Financial Considerations

Renovation projects are notoriously difficult to manage. Costs can swell far beyond first estimates and schedules for completing work often go out the window. Many times, this is due to missing blueprints and unknowns about how an older house was constructed. Therefore, subcontractors are going in blind and in turn giving you a blind estimate that will most likely cost you more in the long run. Fixing a sagging foundation, adding multiple additions, and removing walls can be more costly than simply demolishing and starting all over.

When you choose to rebuild with Wausau Homes, you do not have to worry about surprise costs or scheduling conflicts. We are the only custom home builder that guarantees your new home will be built your way, with a firm price at contract signing, and on time, all year long.

If you’re concerned with missing out on a beautiful summer, talk to your local Wausau Homes builder today to find out how you can take advantage of our winter build process to ensure you are moved in on time to enjoy your new custom home or vacation getaway all summer long.

Advantages of a Rebuilding Your Home

If you love your neighborhood but find yourself facing continuous expensive home renovations, rebuilding your house may be the breath of fresh air you need. Many homeowners are frustrated trying to find their dream home in the ideal location. Replacing an existing home can be a great way to keep the perfect lot location, while also taking advantage of new home construction benefits.

Here are some benefits you can enjoy when choosing a new home building project:

    • Increased Property Value
    • Tax Incentives for New Home Construction
    • Accelerate the Return on Your Home Investment
    • Save Money with New Energy Efficient Home
    • Enjoy the Same Location
    • Enhanced Curb Appeal

Work With a Local Wausau Homes Builder

If you have determined that rebuilding is right for you contact your local Wausau Homes builder today to see how you can enjoy a cabin design or spacious family home built to your exact specifications. Don’t settle for cramped bedrooms, dim living rooms or an exterior that you aren’t in love with. Tailor your home to your family’s lifestyle with a local, qualified home building team.

Find Your Local Builder

Find Your Local Builder

Wausau Homes has a network of highly-qualified new home builders. Find one serving in the area where you’d like to build the home of your dreams.

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