When you build a custom home, you want the best of all worlds, sacrificing nothing except headaches. With multiple common building methods to choose from, it may be hard to know which method is best for your new home. Compare these common construction types to the Wausau Homes panelized building process and see why our time and experience have proven panelized construction is the best option to build your next custom home.

Benefits of Panelized Construction vs. Other Building Methods

Over the last 50 years, Wausau Homes has been an industry leader in panelized construction. We have developed our state-of-the-art process to address and solve the primary pain points of building a custom home. Explore our four reasons panelized construction is better than other common building methods. 

Reason 1: Panelized construction offers better customization than prefab homes.

The term “prefab home” is simply a generic term used to describe any type of home built in a factory. A prefabricated home can be a mobile home, modular home, kit home, post-and-beam home, or log home. Each type of construction is fairly specific and limited in design.

At Wausau Homes, our proven Panelized Component Construction Process allows us to customize every aspect of your home to your family's lifestyle. You get to build your home, your way! Our factory-crafted building process does not limit our designs.

Wausau Homes builds fully custom, superior quality homes, from floor plans to finishes. Our unique panelized construction process allows us to build wall, floor, and truss components in our state-of-the-art facility. Once the local Wausau Homes builder puts in the foundation, the panelized framework is sent to the jobsite and assembled by a crew and crane in 1-5 days, depending on the size of the home. This allows our professional team of experts to build your home, your way, with a firm price, and on time, in as few as 120 days.

Reason 2: Panelized construction offers better quality than manufactured homes.

A manufactured home is the industry’s preferred term to describe a mobile home. Mobile homes are built to the much less restrictive “HUD Code” and are exempt from standard state and local building codes. In general, these homes are built to minimum standards and constructed with lesser quality products than most other homes. Over time, a mobile home will depreciate, and owners cannot build equity on them.

At Wausau Homes our professional team of structural engineers and draftsmen ensure that all homes are built with the highest precision, quality, and consistency. Since this is all done in our climate-controlled environment, our craftsmen don’t battle the typical outdoor elements. This ensures a stronger, tighter, higher-quality home with less waste and no cost overruns or time delays.

Reason 3: Panelized construction offers better flexibility than modular homes.

Modular homes are manufactured in sections, delivered to the job site on trailers, and set on a permanent foundation. Many modular builders offer a limited amount of floor plans to choose from but due to the modular construction method, home buyers have very few options for customization to the home design and layout.

At Wausau Homes we don't build one-size-fits-all homes. We pride ourselves in designing one-of-a-kind, custom floor plans. Our professional team of local builders strive to create the perfect floor plan to fit each homebuyers specific needs and budget. 

How does it work? You have options:

  • Customize one of the 150+ Wausau Homes floor plans
  • Bring in your own design
  • Our home experts can draw an original design from scratch

More flexibility and more features give you all the options you need to build your dream custom home. Browse our seven series of floor plans designed with your lifestyle in mind.

Reason 4: Panelized construction offers better scheduling and cost control than stick-built homes.

Stick-built construction is the method where the entire home is built at the jobsite board by board. Stick-built manufacturing comes with many weather-related considerations and can impact the months when you can start building. Heavy rain, snow, cold weather, and even extreme heat can all grind your construction process to a halt. Even if you choose to push through poor weather, your home’s quality may suffer because of it. 

Since Wausau Homes builds custom panelized framework inside a controlled environment, we have much better control over cost, quality, and timing. A stick builder will rely on their crew to complete the framework in 2-4 months on site, whereas Wausau Homes can frame a home in just 1-5 days. Read that again, 1-5 days! This helps us get you moved in to your new home faster! Getting the framework completed and the new home under roof faster means local subcontractors can complete electric, plumbing, and all of the interior and exterior's custom features sooner than through the stick-built process, without sacrificing craftsmanship!

Discover Panelized Construction Options With Wausau Homes

If you are ready to build without the stress, time delays, and hassle, contact your local independent Wausau Homes builder to learn more about our panelized construction process and to customize the home of your dreams. Get started and find your builder today!

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