Meet our August Builder of the Month, Barb Ravenscroft of Wausau Homes Waunakee.
Barb Ravenscroft has worked with homebuyers for 30 years to create the perfect living space. Barb is great with attention to detail, has amazing project management skills and creates quality finished homes. Wausau Homes Waunakee will guide you from the moment you step into the design studio to the moment you step into your new home.

Get to know Barb on a more personal level with our Q&A.

Barb Ravenscroft

How long have you been a Wausau Homes builder?

I have been a Wausau Homes Builder for four and a half years.

How did you get into the Home Building Business?

I wanted to own my own business and I have over 20 years in Management so I thought this venture would fit me perfectly.  My husband Randy has also been in management and has a building background, so he does very well on the job sites.  We are exited to be a part of Wausau Homes and we get a lot of compliments on how well built these homes are. When we hear a lot of great things from our subcontractors about the quality of the homes we build, how well the site is kept clean and organized. Hearing this means a lot as they work with many other builders. 

Why did you choose to be a Wausau Homes builder?

Because I wanted to own my own business, and this seemed like a good opportunity for that. There are a lot of builders that are willing to help you out with questions and that is really beneficial, especially when you are a new builder. There is a lot of information and product knowledge that you need to learn during this process of building and the amount of support is greatly appreciated.

When you're not building homes what do you like to do?

When we are not building homes, we like to socialize with our family and friends, go boating, ride our Harleys, golf, or just sit in the yard and enjoy the view.

What part of the custom home building process do you find the most rewarding?

There are two areas here, Set Days are exciting as we get to see the homeowners smiles as the house is up in a day or two. They just can’t believe it is so fast. The other one is move in day. The customers are so excited to move into their new homes, when we take them their gifts, the smiles are worth it all!!

If you were building your dream home what is the one feature you would have to have?

Lots of windows, you can never have too many windows.

What is one tip you would give to all custom home buyers?

Think about how you will use the space in each room and make sure it will be functional for your lifestyle.

Are there any home building trends in your area that stand out?

We have several lakes in the area and surrounding areas, a lot of customers are building vacation homes to spend time away with their families. We are proud to be a part of this special time and place for their growing families.

What has been your most rewarding build to date and why?

I would say they are all rewarding but if I have to pick one I would say the Hoar House! This home was built for an older couple and she has been waiting over 50 years to build a new home. The look on their face when the home was done, and they got to move in was priceless. They could not thank us enough and we were honored they chose us as their builder.

My team and I are always available to answer any questions you may have. You can call anytime at 608.850.7074. Come stop by our studio in Waunakee, or visit us onsite and on Facebook. We love to answer questions, and do anything we can to help you achieve your dreams. Contact Barb today!

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