You may think building in the winter is out of the question due to the harsh weather, but you may be surprised to hear that your local Wausau Homes builder can get the job done. Find out how your local custom home builder can create a safe, efficient worksite through the winter months and how you can benefit from this convenient build schedule.

Safe Building Experience

Your home needs to be protected from the elements as soon as possible, so it’s understandable to be hesitant of a winter build. Traditional stick-built homes take up to two months to frame. The framework can be exposed to harsh winter winds and snow during that time, which can create issues with the build process and delay the entire project.

At Wausau Homes we’re able to deliver a stronger, tighter, higher quality home all year long through our innovative panelized custom home building process. Our state-of-the-art process allows our professional team of craftsman to frame your home in our climate-controlled facility. Once your local builder lays the foundation, the panelized framework is sent to the jobsite and assembled by a professional crew in one to five days. This ensures your home is up and under roof faster, virtually eliminating exposure to the harsh outdoor elements. Don’t let a sudden snowstorm cause your framework to get wet and warped; keep your home safe and protected with Wausau Homes’ streamlined construction process.

Poor weather can happen at any time of year. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your Wausau Home will be precision crafted, built with the highest quality materials, and stand strong for decades to come.

Convenient Timeline

Spring is the ideal time to move into a new home in order to make the most of your summer. This timeline is particularly convenient for a new vacation home or rebuild. There’s nothing more frustrating than completing a custom vacation home at the end of summer, only to have to move back to your winter home and leave it empty. Plan your build around your travel schedule so you can move in when you want.

A traditional build schedule starts in the spring and is lucky to be done before snow starts falling. At Wausau Homes we recognize your timeline is an important factor, so much so we structured our building process to accommodate an on time move-in date, guaranteed in as few as 120 days.

A winter build makes the holidays the ideal time to make your announcement to friends and family. Have a going-away party or family celebration around the holidays when everyone is already gathered. Whether you’re moving across the street, across the country or building a new vacation spot, be sure your loved ones are around to celebrate with you.

Winter Building Discount

Since winter is traditionally a slower build season, you may have more flexibility in setting your build schedule, getting your desired move-in date, and first pick at your dream lot. Plus save money on your custom home project by locking in a promotional price at the beginning of the winter season, to avoid increased industry pricing adjustments at the start of the new year.

When you work with a Wausau Homes builder, you may also be able to take advantage of special winter build incentives. Beat the crowds and avoid having your home construction project put on a waitlist. Ask your local Wausau Homes builder for more details.

Prepare for an Efficient Winter Construction Process With Wausau Homes

Building a custom home can be stressful but Wausau Homes’ easy and convenient building process guides you every step of the way to design the home you have been dreaming of. Our combination of innovative floor plans, high quality building materials, and local experienced builders, are unmatched in the industry, making Wausau Homes your go to builder, any time of year.

Spend your winter watching a better, stronger custom home being built before your eyes. Browse custom floor plans today and start designing your new forever family home or vacation getaway. Construct a new home on your terms for a personalized look and a convenient build schedule.

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