Choosing the right home can be both an exciting and stressful process, especially if you are looking to make it your forever home. As a family grows, their home should grow with them. If you have children or would like to raise a family in the future, several factors should be considered when designing your living space.

And we’ve got great news! By choosing to build with Wausau Homes, your Wausau Homes Builder is here to make building your dream home a stress-free experience! Whether the kids need their own space to play, or you need that special place for privacy, our Family Series home floor plans offer the perfect mix of it all. Find a new home featuring 2-4 bedrooms covering 1,800-2,600 square feet and standard two-car garages. In short, these are the perfect designs for your growing family. Our Wausau Homes builders have some great tips to help you build your home for today and tomorrow.


Design spaces that are flexible and can grow with your family

Homeowners should focus on functionality when deciding on floor plan arrangements and be intentional about utilizing space. One of the benefits of designing a flexible area is you can start small and build up as your family grows. A bedroom that is flexible and can grow with your family will help you to save money in the long run. You'll be able to adapt as your family grows and enjoy more space now.

A bonus room is always a bonus. A favorite room in the house is making a bonus room their kids' playroom. It's bright, fun, and has a lot of space for the children to run around. Over time that playroom can become the room where you can watch movies with your kids, who are now teenagers. When they move off to college, that bonus room can become a home office or an extra project space. A bonus room is a perfect way to do this because it's easy to convert into another bedroom if you end up having another kid or two or can flex into just about anything else life throws your way!



Include plenty of storage solutions for toys, clothes, and all your belongings

We all want to have the perfect home, but there are certain features that most people would consider a must-have. One of those features is plenty of storage. The rooms must be well designed and laid out correctly.


Toys: Children love to play with toys. But we dread the cleanup that comes after their fun is over. One of the best ways to avoid this mess and creating space for years to come is by building toy storage solutions for your kids’ rooms.


Closets: A walk-in closet is one thing capable of not just hanging your favorite threads but also built-in drawers to house many other clothing items.


Seasonal: Over the years we amass boxes of decorations to bring life to seasons. Storing seasonal items such as Spring decor, Independence Day, or all the Christmas collections are examples of what many people look for in their ideal home.


Consider adding a loft bed to give older children their own space

Loft beds may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think about furnishing your child’s bedroom. However, they can do more than just provide a place for them to sleep. If your child is old enough and has their own set of rules and standards, loft beds can give them space where they feel independent but still safe in their shared room with their sibling or friends.

Many people who are purchasing a home today have teenagers. If you happen to be one of these parents, you may want to consider adding a loft bed for your older child. Adding a loft bed elevates the bed while freeing up space on the floor for seating and studying.


Upgrade your garage for an extra stall for all life’s adventures

Without a doubt, the garage is one of the most critical parts of any home. It’s where people go to store their cars and other possessions. The only problem is that most garages are relatively small. A garage is one of the most used rooms in your home and can be perfect for a workshop or even extra storage. The beauty of building with Wausau Homes is that we can adjust any floorplan to make it work for your needs.

Many homeowners don’t consider what they can do with their garage until they move in. A well-designed garage doesn’t have to be just a place for your car anymore. Garages are being utilized as extra living space or even converted into additional bedrooms! Over the years, you may want to store a different vehicle, dirt bikes, or boat. And you can’t forget other essential items like boxes, tools, and piles of sports equipment. Having a garage that grows with your family is vital to your daily life.


Create an area where you can work from home or entertain guests

To create an area where you can work from home or entertain guests, simply convert a spare bedroom into an office or guest room.  A home office is a great way to set up space where you can work from home or entertain guests. Whether you’re an entrepreneur who wants the freedom and flexibility of working from your location, or you just want the option to do so occasionally when schedules allow it, home offices are becoming more common in today's home designs.

If you're someone who wants to work from home or needs the space for other reasons, plan for your family to be functional and offer storage without sacrificing style.


Add extra outlets so everyone can charge their devices

You might not need it now, but trust us, once your kids get plugged in with their devices, you are going to be glad you put in plenty of outlets from the beginning. You are probably familiar with the “outlet wars” that occur in households. This war happens when everyone wants to charge their devices, but only one outlet is available per room. You may ask yourself, “How did people live before cell phones and tablets existed?” The truth is that this problem isn’t exclusive to newer homes or younger buyers; it affects all homebuyers – regardless of age or income level.

Our Wausau Homes builders are continually looking for ways to make a house more user-friendly. We have developed some easy ways to resolve this issue without a lot of effort on your part as you are planning your dream home.


Invest in durable, quality furniture pieces that will last over time

Great furniture can elevate a home to another level. When you’re building your custom home, unique furniture pieces will make it feel like it is your home. Having a Wausau Homes builder as an expert familiar with design trends and quality materials comes in handy. Understanding what styles and finishes work best for different spaces, such as large rooms or small nooks, is critical during the planning process.

Many people don't ever think to invest in quality, durable pieces. This can lead to high replacement costs. When building your dream custom home, you will have the opportunity to purchase furniture pieces that can last for years to come. You should be selective with the materials used and think about the items’ durability in price per wear. If you buy quality furnishings, they could last longer than your mortgage payments!


Design a custom home to fit your future

A home is not just a place to reside. It’s the place where memories are made and cherished for years to come. With Wausau Homes, we can help you design the perfect space for your family at any and every stage of life. Whether this is your first home, vacation home, retirement home, or anything in between, we have what it takes to give you a place that's uniquely yours!

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