Meet our October Builder of the Month, Dave Meurer and Kyle McClanahan of Wausau Homes Rochelle
Dave and Kyle have many years experience in the home building industry.

Keep reading to get to know Dave and Kyle on a more personal level with our Q&A.


How long have you been a Wausau Homes builders?

My family and I have been partners with Wausau Homes for 2 years!

How did you get into the home building business?

We have been in the home building business for 20 years, and I got into the industry accidentally while attending college. My niece’s now husband Kyle joined my crew during high school, married Kimberlee, and has become my lead foreman, partner, and future owner.

Why did you choose to be a Wausau Homes builders?

Initially, Wausau Homes contacted us, and after looking into the company’s quality of their builds and integrity of their business, it was an easy decision for us to become part of the Wausau Homes team.

When you're not building homes, what does everyone like to do?

Spare time isn’t something I have much of as I also raise corn and soybeans on 1500 acres and feed about 20,000 hogs a year. I also recently purchased a solar installation business to go along with home building! When we do have free time, most of it is spent on sports that we like to do as a family. Kyle just welcomed his 2nd child Joshua and spends time chasing around their eldest Ezekiel. He enjoys watching the Cubs play and continues to put the finishing touches on their newly built home.

What part of the custom home building process do you find the most rewarding?

The most rewarding thing with building homes are watching the customer as they go through the process realizing that Wausau Homes keeps their promises. It is a great feeling knowing we maintain friendships with our customers even after their homes are finished.

If you were building your dream home what is the one feature you would have to have?

A large gathering area to accommodate our family as we all are very close in proximity to each other and get together very regularly.

What is one tip you would give to all custom home buyers?

It’s not wise to contact your Wausau Homes builder with the idea of starting a build in a month. Wausau Homes makes the process go quickly, but we are custom home builders, not prefabricated homes.

Are there any home building trends in your area that stand out?

We are seeing a lot of the baby boomer generation selling off their larger homes and looking to downsize.

What has been your most rewarding build to date and why?

Our first build we used our own crew to set the house and were very impressed with everything about the set and the home.

What events can interested home buyers find you at in the coming months?

Normally, our summer and fall is filled with sitting at booths at our county and state fairs. Most of these events have been cancelled because of obvious reasons this year. We are hoping this will all go away soon, but interested home buyers can always contact us and we would be more than willing to help answer any questions they have. We are very pleasantly surprised with the interest in building new homes despite the Covid pandemic.

I enjoy talking to any and all clients and will be truthful with everyone. I would love to build your home and be a part of your experience in doing so. You can find me on Facebook. I'd love to answer your questions, and do anything I can to help you achieve your dreams. Contact Wausau Homes Rochelle today!


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