Meet our September Builder of the Month, Scott Duffy of Wausau Homes Cedar Rapids
Scott is a premier home builder that offers guidance on everything from creating a custom home plan to selecting the interior and exterior features that will make your home unique. Scott is a local home builder with years of experience in multiple aspects of the home building process.

Keep reading to get to know Scott on a more personal level with our Q&A.


How long have you been a Wausau Homes builder?

We opened our Design Studio on February 14th, 2018.

How did you get into the home building business?

I built spec homes and was a Director of Engineering and Operations for Amana Commercial Products before starting my own business with Wausau Homes.

Why did you choose to be a Wausau Homes builder?

Wausau Homes has a great building system as well as an infrastructure that a small business needs to succeed.

When you're not building homes what do you like to do?

I have two preteen daughters that are involved in a lot of activities that take up most of my free time. I am also a former athlete, so the rest of my off time (not a lot) is spent with sporting leagues.

What part of the custom home building process do you find the most rewarding?

I got into this business to build great homes. The most rewarding is to see happy clients building a life and family in the homes that I built. I enjoy following up with my clients years down the road and seeing their family grow and create memories in their homes.

If you were building your dream home what is the one feature you would have to have?

My dream home would need a big kitchen. I am a self-proclaimed chef and enjoy making dinners for the family.

What is one tip you would give to all custom home buyers?

Be truthful to your clients. Trust is the most important value of a home builder. Keep your word and do right by your clients.

Are there any home building trends in your area that stand out?

The big ones are farmhouse modern, smart home, and energy efficiency.

What has been your most rewarding build to date and why?

I took on a build that was outside my area. It was a challenge with new subcontractors and three hour round trip, but it turned out beautiful and the clients were very happy with their dream home.

What events can interested home buyers find you at in the coming months?

I am involved in HBA as well as hopefully having a building in the Parade of Homes during the spring of next year.

I enjoy talking to any and all clients and will be truthful with everyone. I would love to build your home and be a part of your experience in doing so. You can find me on Facebook. I'd love to answer your questions, and do anything I can to help you achieve your dreams. Contact Wausau Homes Cedar Rapids today!


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