When you start the process of researching new home construction, the range of options can be overwhelming. There are contractors building homes in every budget, style, and location, and all of them claim that their newest floor plan happens to be your dream home. Of course, you know that finding your dream home is about more than a garage, an entryway, or a backyard. It’s about finding a builder you trust and establishing the place your family’s life will unfold. That’s why homeowners in the Midwest trust Wausau Homes.

The Rich History of Wausau Homes

Your family’s history is everything — it’s written in the photos on the walls, and it guides you towards the future. We understand the value of this because of our own deep-rooted history. The establishment of Wausau Home dates back over 60 years, to humble beginnings as a dairy route. The Schuette brothers used profits from selling milk to purchase a sawmill and that sawmill birthed a lumber processing plant.

This lumber plant soon became a one-stop-shop for independent contractors throughout the Midwest who sought to purchase all materials from a single source. The Schuette brothers’ sawmill became this source, but eventually they sought to expand even further — with all the resources to build homes at their disposal, why not build them themselves? This endeavor evolved to become Wausau Homes, and the core values that guided the Schuette brothers guides the company still: stewardship, work ethic, integrity, humility, and passion.

Wausau Homes Historical Timeline

To better understand the history of Wausau Homes, it helps to see the timeline documenting the humble beginnings of the company to our present-day operations. This history dates back to the 1940s, and it tells the story of a company built on innovation:

  • 1940s: The Schuette brothers run their dairy route and save profits with the aspiration of making an investment.
  • 1950s: The Schuette brothers’ hard work pays off, and they invest in a sawmill.
  • 1960s: The closed wall panelization building method emerges, and the company is officially named Wausau Homes.
  • 1970s: A plant with the capacity to produce 4,000 homes annually is established.
  • 1980s-Present: New custom homes are continuously designed and constructed utilizing Wausau Homes’ revolutionary panelized building process.

We have spent decades developing the art of building custom homes. Our history proves a dedication to excellence in the field that is unparalleled by any other company. Let our track record speak for itself when it comes to the quality of our homes.

State-of-the-Art Technology and Methodology

We are not set apart just by our history and reputation — we are defined by an innovative building method that revolutionized the field of construction. In the 1960s, when closed wall panelization came into popularity, Wausau Homes was at the forefront of its development, pioneering a panelized building process that resulted in precision crafted, high quality, and more efficient custom homes. This process entails building the wall, floor, and truss components in our climate-controlled facility and delivering the framework to the jobsite, where it is assembled by a professional crew and crane in 1-5 days. The local Wausau Homes Builder will proceed to work with their tradesmen to complete the remaining exterior and interior construction on the jobsite, with the custom fixtures and finishes each homeowner hand selected. This ensures your home is up and under roof faster, virtually eliminating exposure to the outdoor elements and in turn gets you moved into your new custom home faster.

Before the Schuette brothers started their home-building business, few contractors were innovating any such methods, but after Wausau Homes, the entire construction sector was changed. Needless to say, our knack for innovation has not stopped here, and we continue to find new ways to make homes that are beautiful and accessible for families throughout the Midwest! Our methodology gives customers unparalleled control over their homes’ complete design, before they even sign the contract.

Today, our three-step building process makes customizing your home easier than ever. To get started, you choose from a selection of over 150+ customizable floor plans — or choose to design your own. Next, you select the exterior style of your home — whether you favor the Craftsman or Victorian design, our selection of 33 styles offers the versatility to reflect you and your family’s unique aesthetic. Lastly, choose the fixtures and finishes that will be featured throughout the home. Browse our samples and selections from our premier vendors in our one-stop-shop Design Studio.

Modern Luxury With a Promise Families Can Trust

Custom home builders in the Midwest. It isn’t just our products and process that set us apart, though — above all else, we are a family-owned business that takes pride in serving families just like our own. We don’t just build houses; we redefine the building experience for our customers. Our main focus is to truly connect with all of our customers to understand what they want, what they need, and what we can do to make it reality.

This is the benefit of what we offer today — If you can dream it, we can build it! Our independent Wausau Homes Builders promise to work with you every step of the way, to build your home, your way. Offer a firm price at contract signing, and to get you moved-in on time, guaranteed. This promise is at the core of our company, and as a family-owned company, we take it very seriously!

Browse our floor plans or talk with one of our local independent Wausau Home Builders to learn more about how we can help your family build the dream home that they deserve. From custom floor plans, to home financing, we are there to answer any questions you may have about the custom home building process. Reach out to Wausau Homes for all of your family’s Midwest home building needs.

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