Smart home technology can make all the difference in your new custom-built home. In the past, installing this technology in your home was tedious, expensive, and even invasive. Today, there is hardly a home in America that does not have some form of a smart device within its walls, such as smartphones. The good news is that there are very few changes you may need to make to your home to make it smarter.

How To Make Your New Home Smart Tech Compatible

One easy first step is installing home security. You can choose traditional companies, such as Brinks or ADT. However, there are also DIY options that utilize Google Nest, Ring Alarm, and other systems. These companies may also partner with larger companies to offer 24/7 emergency monitoring. By installing a security system, you will have created an easy base to expand from.

Top Types of Smart Home Gadgets

1. Smart Lock

Smart locks are one of the most popular home automation devices on the market. Homeowners are utilizing smart locks to make home entry more convenient. Smart locks are designed to work with voice assistants, wi-fi, or Bluetooth and can include features like remote access. Some reputable brands worth exploring are SimpliSafe, Schlage Sense, Nest Yale, and Wyze.

2. Automated Thermostat

Installing an automated thermostat can make your home more energy efficient and save you money on your heating and cooling bills. An automated thermostat can give you greater control over your home’s temperature by programing your preferences, learning your schedule, and allowing you the accessibility to adjust the climate from anywhere using just your smart phone. Three companies known for making great thermostats include Ecobee, Google Nest, and Honeywell.

3. Virtual Assistant Smart Speaker

Smart speakers with built-in virtual assistants offer homeowners a magnitude of benefits throughout their home. Whether you want to stream your favorite music, hear today’s weather forecast, find answers to quick facts, or know the time, these smart devices are at your service 24/7. When choosing the right smart speaker for your home and budget you should consider the brand’s compatibility, sound quality, and voice features available. The top hitters in the market are the Sonos One, Amazon Echo Dot, Apple HomePod, and Google Nest.

4. Smart Bulb

Smart bulbs are an easy way for homeowners to control their lights individually from a single switch or smartphone. Some smart bulbs are also compatible with Google, Alexa, or both and offer voice control through a smart speaker with built-in virtual assistant. When shopping for the right smart bulb for your home consider the brand’s smart speaker compatibility and lighting controls such as diming, timing, and automation features. Some reputable brands include Wyze, Philips, Samsung, Flux, Eufy, and GE.

5. Smart Plug

Smart plugs are best used in rooms where you want to turn a wide range of devices on or off. One of the best benefits of smart plugs is that you can use them for other things besides lights. Most smart plugs are programable through a smart phone app or sync with a smart speaker with built-in voice commands. Brands worth considering in this segment include Wyze, TP-Link, WeMo and SmartThings.

6. Smart Switch

Smart switches are most beneficial in places where you want to control several lights at once or hard-to-reach lighting fixtures in homes with vaulted ceilings. This is especially handy if you want to create a lighting schedule throughout your home. Smart switches allow you to dim or turn your lights on and off from a single switch, smartphone app, or smart speaker with voice control. Top smart switches include GE, WeMo, Lutron Caseta, Leviton, and Philips.


Benefits Smart Homes Offer

1. Security

The doorway to smart home tech adoption is usually first through security systems. Modern-day security setups utilize cameras, motion-detectors, two-way mics and a host of other technology associated with smart homes. All of these can help you better monitor your home, spy on your pets and keep an eye on visitors.

2. Energy Efficiency

One of the top reasons people turn to smart home devices is that it can reduce energy bills. For instance, in the past, when people wanted to come home to cool houses in the summer, they had to leave the air conditioning on, all day. Now, you can automate your thermostat or simply turn the air on before leaving work from your phone. This can save you hundreds in heating and cooling.

3. Convenience

Whether you are a senior who plans to age in place or a tech-savvy millennial, smart home technology can make your life much easier. From sensor lights that come on an off automatically as you enter and exit rooms to automated controls, scheduling, and voice commands, these smart home devices add a multitude of conveniences throughout your home, as well as when you are on the go.

These benefits make smart home devices a great investment your family will enjoy for years to come. If you are planning on building a custom home, we can work with you to ensure you have everything you need to power your smart home from the start. Contact your local Wausau Homes Builder today for more information.

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