Meet our February Vendor Spotlight, Dura Supreme Cabinetry. With a legacy of quality and craftsmanship, Dura Supreme is privately owned and operated for 60+ years, providing homeowners some of the best cabinetry in value, design, quality, and craftsmanship.

Dura Supreme was founded in 1954 by Don Stotts, who started crafting cabinetry in his Minnesota garage after serving as a Navy Seabee. His son, Keith Stotts, grew the company from its roots to deliver a unique combination of outstanding value and leading-edge design in hand-crafted, American made cabinetry.

Over the past 60-plus years — following 10 facility expansions and decades of technological advancements — Dura Supreme has grown to employ over 400 people at their 220,000-square-foot facility in Howard Lake, MN. While much has changed about the industry and their processes, their Midwestern work ethic, "Minnesota Nice" approach to working with customers, and their devotion to time-honored craftsmanship remain as intact as the day they began.

Diamond Kote

What products do you offer?

We hand-craft framed and frameless American-made semi-custom and custom cabinetry.

What sets Dura Supreme apart in the industry?

Cabinetry only performs as well as it's designed to. That's why every Dura Supreme cabinet is handcrafted in-house by our team of passionate, experienced craftsmen. Our unique manufacturing process combines a carefully balanced combination of state-of-the-art technology and hand-made care with the utmost attention to every detail, all working together to ensure a superior product with an everlasting finish backed by unrivaled consistency and quality construction. Let us produce the cabinetry that will serve your home for decades to come.

 What are the top trends for cabinetry right now?

Color Trends:

  • Gray – Mainstream color trend and influencer of trends to come
  • Navy Blue – Used as accents to add a pop of color to a space with a classic look
  • White on White – Beautifully paired white cabinetry with white countertops

Design Trends:

  • Mixed Metal Finishes
  • Concealed Storage
  • Integrated Technology
  • Warm Tone Hardware – Such as brass, bronze, and copper

How do you see cabinets changing in the next couple of years?

Dura Supreme

We are foreseeing an influx of natural and raw textures, like coriander, morel, cashew, and sesame, as well as a modern take on oak, utilizing more quarter-sawn oak with stain and painted oak finishes in modern designs. Modern and transitional styling are growing in popularity. Adding texture to a minimalist space adds more dimension and interest. Wood textures with dramatic grain patterns are a great fit for these designs. True brown stains will rise in popularity since warm tones are being seen less and less, influenced by the gray color trend. Black will also make a comeback in metals and trim work such as window framing, shower enclosure framing, knobs and pulls, and other architectural details.

What is a key tip or hack when it comes to picking out cabinets?

Work With a Professional

  • Creating your dream kitchen is not an easy process. Your kitchen designer is your partner in making that dream come true. In sharing your inspirations with them and telling them what you hope to accomplish with your new cabinetry, they serve as the channel between your desires and the final result. A kitchen designer will help you:
    • Work with your budget for your new cabinetry and renovation
    • Achieve the right function and design
    • Determine the best layout for your new space
    • Source and coordinate all parts of your kitchen into a cohesive design, from cabinetry and countertops to appliances and fixtures
  • View Samples of Your Finishes in Person
    • o The tone and color of a product finish can appear differently in various lighting conditions and environments. You should never make your final finish selections for your home based entirely on printed materials, photography, or online photos. It's best to see samples in person.

Why should someone go with Dura Supreme?

With us, there are endless door styles and finish options to create a truly personalized look. Furthermore, we truly cherish our roots and look to deliver quality over quantity in everything we build. Our guiding principles of performance and innovation continue to establish Dura Supreme cabinetry as the best in value, design, quality, and craftsmanship.

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