Meet our July Vendor Spotlight, Mastic, a leader in premium siding!

For generations, low-maintenance Mastic siding from Ply Gem has been the number #1 choice among homeowners, builders, and remodelers. Solid and tough, Mastic premium siding stands up to extreme weather, requires little maintenance, and is an eco-friendly choice for your family. Best of all, you’re covered with an industry leading V.I.P. limited lifetime warranty backed by Ply Gem, the 75-year leader in pioneering performance home exteriors.


History of the company:

We began as the Aluminum Company of America (ALCOA), which was founded in 1902. In 1932, the company introduced a new low-maintenance, asphalt-based siding product called InsulBric. From the early 1930s, We have been a leading innovator in the home exterior industry. Check out our timeline below:

  • 1957: Developed the first aluminum horizontal siding and aluminum rain removal (gutter) system
  • 1959: Invented and introduced the first vinyl siding product under the name T-Lok Barkwood
  • 1971: Introduced Duranyl, a vinyl capstock which allows for solid color vinyl siding
  • 1973: Introduced the first-ever aluminum soffit
  • 1974: Debuted Alumalure 2000 finish, a water-based baked-on acrylic finish for aluminum products
  • 1991 – 2001: Cedar Discovery, a realistic vinyl Cedar Perfection & Shake enters the market, as well as our Stained Cedar look
  • 2002: Introduced our Leaf Relief Gutter Protection system
  • 2007: Structure insulated vinyl siding entered the market
  • 2012: Introduced Board & Batten Shutters/Designed Exteriors, our visualizer program
  • 2013: DreamHome Professional, a visualizer that incorporates actual pictures of an existing home is available to consumers
  • 2015: Solar Defense Technology enters the market
  • 2016: Ply Gem Steel Siding debuts
  • 2017: Introduced Aluminum & Galvanized Roofing Accessories
  • 2020: Introduced two new composite siding products, EverPlank & Boulevard

What products do you offer?

We’re proud to offer a wide range of products to suit virtually any design style and construction need:

  • Cedar Discovery vinyl shakes
  • Structure, Quest, Carvedwood, Ovation, Board & Batten vinyl siding
  • Mastic Performance Metals Envoy & Endurance aluminum siding
  • Ply Gem Steel Siding
  • Mastic Envoy & Endurance Aluminum Siding, Aluminum Soffit, Aluminum Fascia
  • Ventura (hidden vent), Pro-Bead (beaded), Pro-Select, Pro-Tech, Universal vinyl soffit
  • Mastic Performance Metals aluminum & steel trim sheet
  • Vinyl shutters
  • Designer Accessories (door surround systems, window & door mantel systems, accessory blocks & mounts, utility & gable vents
  • Mastic Performance Metals Gutter, Gutter Accessories, Leaf Relief Gutter Protection
  • Mastic Performance Metals Aluminum & Galvanized roofing accessories

What sets Mastic apart in the industry?

Mastic is truly an innovator in the already crowded residential and commercial construction industry. We don’t outsource any of our product manufacturing, and we were the first to market with vinyl and aluminum products. Here are a few of our noteworthy accomplishments that set us apart from our competitors:

  • Complete line: vinyl, metal, injection molded (we don’t outsource anything)
  • First in vinyl, aluminum
  • Duranyl 5000 capstock
  • Tri-Linear Rigidity Engineering
  • Kynar 500 Integrated Film Technology
  • Alumalure 2000 paint finish
  • ISP metal engineering
  • Solar Defense Technology

 What are the top trends for siding and shutters right now?

  • Deep, dark, rich vinyl siding colors
  • Vinyl shakes
  • Leaf Relief Gutter Protection
  • Board & Batten siding as an accent panel
  • Board & Batten style shutters

How do you see siding changing in the next couple of years?

Siding will be durable and easily coordinated with deep colors. Watch for cedar shakes in those same colors. Also keep an eye out for Solar Defense technology and our Ply Gem Composite Siding.

What is a key tip or hack when it comes to picking out siding and shutters?

We have several tips for you! Use a visualizer to coordinate colors and coordinate colors with roofing, trim, and window colors. Don’t be afraid to combine colors! With our deep, rich colors, you can coordinate almost any color combination. This was far more difficult when deep colors were trendy. Shingle color flecks/granules will be accentuated with the siding color. Keep in mind that wider siding profiles make a structure look shorter, and more narrow siding profiles make a structure look taller. Similarly, darker colors make a structure look smaller, while lighter colors make a structure look larger.

Why should someone go with Mastic?

We are the largest exterior building products manufacturer in North America, and we are American owned and operated. All of our products are made in the US. We offer a complete line of products, including vinyl, metal, and injection molded, and we do not outsource any of our manufacturing. We also offer the most updated color and product choices.

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