Schlage door hardware offers an easy way to enhance the style of a home, keep it safe, and even make it smarter. Trusted in millions of homes, we create stylish, innovative products that bring the possibilities and potential of every door in your home to life.

History of Schlage:

Since pioneering the first push-button lock in 1920 to the high-tech mobile solutions of today, Schlage has built a legacy of security and innovation. Our passion for door hardware is what drives us to develop the products that keep our customers, and what matters most to them, secure. Some may say a lock is just a lock, but Schlage has spent a century unlocking opportunity, and we’ll continue opening more than just doors in the next 100 years. From mechanical deadbolts to the newest WiFi-enabled smart lock, all available in a range of styles and finishes, Schlage door hardware is the perfect fit for you and your customers’ homes.

What products do you offer?

For single-family homes, we offer a full selection of door hardware including front entry handlesets, interior and exterior door knobs and levers, mechanical deadbolts, and smart locks. One of our newest innovations, the Schlage Encode™ Smart WiFi Deadbolt with built-in WiFi, makes it easier than ever introduce superior security and convenience to smart homes. At the same time, our other smart locks are compatible with Bluetooth, Z-Wave, and Zigbee technology, meaning there’s a smart solution for nearly every lifestyle.

Whether mechanical or electronic, interior or exterior, all our door hardware comes in a range of styles and finishes to complement the personal tastes of the millions of customers who trust their home to Schlage. It’s the perfect opportunity to capture a unique look from the front door to the back door and everywhere in between.

What sets Schlage apart in the industry?

For over 100 years, our legacy of continuous improvement, attention to detail, and obsession with thoughtful innovation has provided customers with peace of mind and solutions for a life made simpler. When you choose Schlage, you can be confident in the quality craftsmanship and premium metal construction of your locks and door hardware. Our first-class customer support and warranties ensure that in the case you do have a problem, we are here to help.

What are the top trends for door hardware right now?

There are so many exciting trends in door hardware right now, whether in style or technological innovation. Many homeowners are realizing the full range of benefits of including a smart lock in their connected homes. So, whether it’s checking to see if the kids returned from school safely or letting the dogwalker in using a smartphone app, the popularity of smart locks is allowing customers to enjoy the superior security and convenience they love.

Contemporary styles are also trending. We see this in the popularity of the modern Schlage® Latitude lever and darker finishes like Matte Black and our new black stainless finish

How do you see door hardware changing in the next couple of years?

Door hardware will continue to get smarter. Technology is becoming part of our daily lives in new and better ways, and locks and home security are no exception. We predict that smart locks will get even easier to use and include in overall smart home system. Each innovation will continue to make our lives more convenient and provide greater peace of mind as we customize and control access to our homes.

Customization will play a role in style as well. At Schlage, we lead the way in new designs and finishes to meet the needs of our customers. Homeowners will no longer be limited to a small selection of door knobs, but instead will be able to choose their favorite hardware to put the finishing touch on any room, whether it’s Industrial Modern, Scandinese or classic Craftsman.

What is a key tip or hack when it comes to picking out entry door knobs?

Your home security is not an area to cut corners. Choose quality you can feel. Test it out if you can, grip the handle, press the buttons, and turn the deadbolt. Understand what works best for your lifestyle—a smart lock or a mechanical deadbolt, knobs, or levers—and choose what provides the best value and security for your family. Every home is unique and deserves to be protected by the right high-quality hardware.

Why should someone go with Schlage?

When it comes to protecting homes and families, you need the quality, durability, and style that makes a house a sanctuary. Our commitment to offering superior security through carefully crafted door hardware means you can trust your home to Schlage. Additionally, our products are backed by some of the best customer service and warranties in the industry.

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