One of the most important questions when planning a custom home is the price. This can be a major source of stress if you don’t have accurate custom home pricing before the project begins, so work with Wausau Homes to discover how you can find out an accurate price on a stunning home in your area.

The two most common ways to price a custom home are ballpark and square foot pricing. Ballpark pricing gives you a range of possible prices that can be refined as you make specific decisions on the types of exterior and interior material selections you want. Explore the pros and cons of both methods to see why our builders prefer ballpark pricing.

The Problem With Square Foot Pricing

At Wausau Homes, we use ballpark pricing instead of listing a price for square foot. Many homeowners are used to shopping for custom homes based on a set price per square foot, where a 3,000 square foot home costs exactly twice as much as a 1,500 square foot home.

The problem with this general pricing is that it isn’t the reality of building homes. Your foundation, fixtures and finishes, and other features add up to a significant share of the price of the home, whether you’re building a small cottage or a luxury home. The number of windows, quality of interior fixtures, and exterior finish work also have a major impact on the price per square foot and the overall price.

Too often, builders who quote a price per square foot have to either cut corners on finish work or increase the budget of the home after construction has begun. This can leave homeowners feeling out of touch, over budget, and frustrated with the building process.

Cutting corners on the build process often means leaving out high end finishes, quality interior fixtures or long-lasting paint to stay within your budget. A builder who quoted a price per square foot may not install hardwood flooring, natural stone tile or other quality features that you dreamed of in your custom home.

Understanding Ballpark Pricing

A ballpark pricing guide helps you better understand where your money is going and what type of custom home you can afford with your budget. Unlike a price per square foot, a ballpark price gives you a range of prices for a home of a particular size and design.

This is a more accurate way of pricing homes and allows you to see how you can scale your home up or down to accommodate your dream. Would you rather have a few hundred extra square feet or the beautiful hardwood floors you’ve always hoped for? Ballpark pricing helps you negotiate all these decisions and arrive at your dream home.

You still receive a precise price before construction begins, but you can see what causes the price per square foot to vary. Select tiers of pricing to see how a more budget-friendly set of appliances or carpet can alter the total cost of your home. Some items, like your furnace and air conditioner or kitchen design, aren’t affected as much by the total square footage of your home, so they can make a square footage price vary considerably.

How Our Process Works

At Wausau Homes, we connect you with a local, trusted builder who can help you navigate ballpark pricing and material selections within your budget to reach a guaranteed firm price. This crucial step happens before you even sign a contract, so you won’t have to worry about surprise costs putting your entire build over budget when construction begins.

Work with your builder to design a custom floor plan and size in the ballpark you like. Then be guided through the selection process to choose all the materials, fixtures, and finishes that will complete your custom home. This will allow you and your builder to arrive at an all-encompassing, firm build price. Instead of trying to get the most square footage for the least amount, you can discuss what’s included in that square footage and how you can get the best value for your entire home.

Your custom home builder creates a 3D video rendering of your home during this time. This allows you to take a virtual walkthrough of your custom home. Address any potential issues before the plan is finalized to avoid a less-than-ideal finished product and costly remodeling services.

When you order a custom home from Wausau Homes, you can enjoy a stunning house that you’re proud to call your own. Don’t get caught up in the cost per square footage but look at the big picture to see how you can afford a forever home that fits your budget.

Enjoy a Custom Home That Fits Your Budget

Find a builder near you to discuss the cost to build a custom home in your ideal location. A low cost per square footage may end up cutting corners; instead, work with a Wausau Homes builder to get a complete understanding of what comes with your custom home. Rather than be unpleasantly surprised at the final cost or quality of your home, enjoy a truly personalized custom home that fits your budget and your dreams.

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