Winter can be hard on homes. Whether you experience heavy snowfall or sub-zero temperatures and a few flurries, it’s important to protect your home from the effects of the winter season. Here are some pro building tips for homebuyers looking to design a home that’s built to withstand the harsh winter weather.

Ensure a Quality Building Envelope

The overall envelope is the most important aspect of your home in terms of protection against the elements and Wausau Homes has spent over fifty years perfecting just that!

Wausau Homes’ state-of-the-art panelized custom home building process allows their professional team of craftsmen to frame your home in their climate-controlled facility. Once your local Wausau Homes builder lays the foundation, the panelized framework is sent to the jobsite and assembled by a professional crew in one to five days. This ensures your home is up and under roof faster, virtually eliminating exposure to the harsh outdoor elements. From the thickness of your walls, to the *R-value of insulation, Wausau Homes delivers a stronger, tighter, higher quality home all year long.
*R-value is a common way to measure insulation and can help you determine whether your home is properly sealed against the winter temperatures in your area.

Invest in Triple-Pane Windows

Invest in triple-pane windows for your new home. Energy-efficient window designs quickly pay for themselves by reducing your heating bill and keeping your home evenly warm. There are many different kinds of windows that all boast energy-efficient features, so work with your local Wausau Homes Builder to choose the best options for your custom home.

Consider In-Floor Heating

Your floors are another common area of heat loss. Heating your floors can be an energy-efficient way to stay comfortable during the colder months. Consider adding in-floor heating options when designing your new custom home, especially in areas that are commonly cold such as your entryway, bathrooms, laundry room, and basement. You will thank your toasty toes later!

Avoid Freezing Pipes

Winter temperatures are about more than just feeling cold. In extreme winter weather, improperly insulated water lines can freeze. This can prevent you from having running water in the winter and can cause your water lines to burst. Avoid costly flooding damage by working with a trusted Wausau Homes Builder who has experience building all year long, even during the harsh winter months. Ensuring your pipes are properly insulated for even the coldest days, will give you and your family peace of mind.

Splurge On A Quality HVAC System

Your heating system is the star of the show in the winter. A custom home should have an energy-efficient unit for providing whole-home heat. There are many options available, even for homes in cold climates. If you’re planning on using a wood fireplace to heat your home, ask about adding a backup furnace for emergency heating. Work with your local Wausau Homes Builder to determine the most energy-efficient heater, ductwork and thermostat options to properly heat your new custom home.

Ensure Your Roof Is Built to Withstand Heavy Snow

Heavy snowfall and ice can form a barrier on your roof. Roofs that are improperly designed or vented to handle a snow load, can cause damage to your home. If this is the case, you may experience trapped heat that can melt the lower layers of snow. This forms think layers of ice on your eaves, causing draining issues or even worse a collapsed roof from the overbearing weight of the snow. Speak with your local Wausau Homes Builder for their recommendations on the proper roof design, soffit, and peak vent placements to ensure your new custom home is built to withstand heavy snow fall.

Enjoy a Cozy Home This Winter

Don’t let the harsh winter weather get the best of you. Proper design of your new custom home will ensure your family is safe and cozy all year long. Work with an experienced Wausau Homes Builder to design a quality, custom home, built to withstand the coldest winter months. Find Your Local Wausau Homes Builder to get started today.

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