According to the National Association of Home Builders, pocket offices are one of the biggest trends in new residential design. The pocket office is typically located in a compact area with a desk space dedicated to managing the home activities.

pocket desk with a computer

Why are Pocket Offices so popular?

One of the reasons that pocket offices are trending is due to the increasing popularity and shrinking size of technology. Now, a large home office no longer makes sense for many households. Another reason for the increase in popularity is that many homeowners want to maximize the square footage in their homes. An extra bedroom that might have been used as an office in the past now may be used as a flex room.  Finally, there is a rising trend in multigenerational living. Bedrooms that in years past would have been converted in to home offices are increasingly becoming used as living quarters for extended family.


small office home trend with tucked away desk

Make it functional

Pocket offices are generally about a quarter or half the size of a formal home office. They are often set up in high traffic areas such as the kitchen, great room, or even under the stairs where family members can still interact.

It is important to make a pocket office as functional as possible. Adding a built in desk that has a spot for a printer and drawers for office supplies can be efficient use of the small space. The pocket office should include outlets that are ideally built into the inside of the cabinets to hide Internet and phone wires. Recessed lights are typical to save desktop space in an already smaller area.

Whether it’s paying the bills or working from home, a pocket desk is the perfect space for the household CEO.

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