The new year marks the perfect time to think about building a dream home.  2015 will bring its fair share of new home building trends. But we can also expect to see some older trends to stick around.  Overall, expect to see more free flowing homes that are equipped with both energy efficient and automated features.


Wide Open Spaces

In 2015 we can expect to see a rise in popularity in open floor plans with no separating walls. According to a recent survey from the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), 52% of builders who were surveyed expect the living room to merge with other spaces in the home.  Open floor plans have a lot of flexibility and allows families to use the space to suit their needs.  Great rooms will rise in popularity which combines the family and living room ultimately flowing into the kitchen. Other additions and changes included more walk-in closets in the master bedroom and a master bedroom on the first floor of every two-story home.

Functional Spaces

Home offices, mud rooms and other functional rooms can be expected in new homes.  Functional spaces in the home allow homeowners to use the extra space to suit their specific style and needs. Many people are finding an advantage to working from home, therefore a home office is the perfect way to use the space. A mud room which usually has floor to ceiling cabinets and plenty of laundry space is the perfect room for active and busy families.

The Green Home

One of the top trends in today’s housing market is the demand for energy-efficient homes.  In 2015 the number of new homes constructed with efficient windows, special air conditioners, water-saving sinks and toilets and better insulation will significantly increase. Consumers are more likely to purchase e-windows which help to retain heat in the winter and keep it out during summer. According to the NAHB we can also expect to see newly built single family homes to be smaller in size at an average of 2,150 square feet.  Small floor plans save on energy and utility costs while being conscious of your carbon footprint. Other green features we can expect to see include, compact and fluorescent LED lighting along with water efficient appliances and plumbing.

Technology and Home Automation

Home automation systems are popular and they will continue to increase in demand in 2015. More consumers want smart home features that allow them to control their home while being energy efficient. The rapid growth of smart home technology goes hand-in-hand with the growing number of smart phone users. Here are some of the top trends to be expected in smart home technology:

  • Smart security systems
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling systems that can be controlled from a smart phone

2015 is going to be an exciting year for home building. With the emergence of new home technology and features we are anxious to see what the homebuyer chooses in 2015.

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