Wausau Homes vs. Prefab Homes

Wausau Homes vs. Prefab Homes

Stress-free building process, greater customization

The term “prefab home” is simply a generic term used to describe any type of home built in a factory. A prefabricated home can be a mobile home, modular home, kit home, post-and-beam home, log home, or a panelized home. Each type of construction is fairly specific and limiting in design.

At Wausau Homes our proven Component Construction process allows your independent Wausau Homes Builder to customize every aspect of your home to your family’s lifestyle. Our factory-crafted building process does not limit our designs. Your Wausau Homes Builder can build your dream home in as few as 3 months, at a competitive price you can feel good about.

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Wausau Homes vs. Manufactured Homes

Wausau Homes vs. Manufactured Homes

Built to local codes, greater quality

A manufactured home is the industry’s preferred term to describe a mobile home. Mobile homes and kit homes are built on permanent metal chassis used to transport the home to the job site. The axles and wheels are removed from the frame, which then remains part of the home and is installed on a non-permanent foundation. Mobile homes are built to the much less restrictive “HUD Code” and are exempt from standard state and local building codes. In general, these homes are built to minimal standards and constructed with products of lesser quality than most other homes. Over time, a mobile home will depreciate in value and owners are not able to build equity on them.

Wausau Homes has never built manufactured homes. Each and every Wausau Home is custom built by local licensed builders. We offer more flexibility in design and a much higher quality home to last for generations, at competitive prices.

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              Homes vs. Modular Homes

Wausau Homes vs. Modular Homes

Same consistency, greater customization

Modular homes are manufactured in sections, delivered to the job site in trailers, and set on a permanent foundation. These are often delivered in "pods" or sections of the home already constructed with interior and exterior walls, plumbing, and more. Because of the factory-built construction and need to deliver large sections to the job site, most modular designs and factory homes are ranches or smaller two-stories, and simple in design. There are limitations to where these can be built, because the large sections of home cannot endure a lot of "stress" or movement during travel.  

Wausau Homes does not build modular homes. Our process of building the framework on-site allows for greater customization and flexibility while still committing to a total construction completion timeframe of 90 to 120 days.

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Wausau Homes vs. Stick-Built Homes

Wausau Homes vs. Stick-Built Homes

Higher quality, greater scheduling and cost control

Stick-built construction is the method where the entire home is built at the job site piece by piece. This means that stick builders are limited in when they can start construction during winter weather months, and have to work with materials wherever the lumberyard dumps them. Since Wausau Homes builds trusses and custom crafted framework inside a controlled environment, we have much better control over cost, quality and timing, and there’s less weather damage and theft at the job site than with stick built homes.

A stick builder will rely on their crew to complete the framework of a home with subcontractors on a timeline of 2-4 months, whereas your independent Wausau Homes Builder will complete this process with an erection crew in 2-5 days. Getting the framework completed and the new home under cover faster means local subcontractors can complete electric, plumbing, and all of the interior and exterior's custom features sooner than through the stick built process, without sacrificing craftsmanship!

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