Create or Choose a Home Floor Plan

You can bring your own custom floor plans—or even a list of ideas or a photograph—and we’ll figure out how to build it. If you need a little more guidance, you can browse our seven fully customizable series. Each series has an assortment of floor plans within it in a wide variety of price ranges, square footage, and layouts. You’ll choose from an incredible assortment of features and options to personalize your custom dream house inside and out. And when we say personalize, we mean it: whether it’s wider hallways, higher ceilings or even a storehouse pantry or pocket desk, we can make it happen.

Browse our seven fully customizable series 

Select Your Home's Exterior Style

Once you’ve finalized a floor plan, you’ll pick a style. From European and French Country to Coastal Cottage and Victorian, these curated motifs let you choose and fine-tune an exterior design. Wausau Homes offers 33 styles for custom dream homes in a range of designs—architectural details like trim, siding, porches, and windows that work together to reflect who you are and how your family lives.

You can select a style and use it as it is, or work with your builder to customize your exterior even further. We use color guides and suggest complementary colors to shape how your house will look. Like each of the Wausau Homes custom home floor plans, these styles are just a starting point to help you in the planning process.

Featured Trend Spaces

Every family is unique, so your home should be, too. Whether you need more storage areas, space for entertaining, or room for the in-laws, our custom flex spaces let you design your home to fit your hobbies, interests, and lifestyle. Your Wausau Homes Builder will help you figure out where to add trend spaces to create a home that works for your family—from pocket desks, workshops and craft areas to owner’s entries, butler pantries and lake storage.

Choose Fixtures & Finishes

The last customization step is the fun part—picking things like stonework, faucets, and lighting. Your Wausau Homes Builder will work with you in the state-of-the-art design studio so that you can see samples of cabinetry, trim, doors, faucets, and tile all in one location. Or, if you’d prefer, you can always go through the specialty retail store of your choice.

If you decide to build a Wausau Home, you will contract with an independent Wausau Homes Builder in your locale. Wausau Homes, Inc. will not be a party to that contract, but will supply the Wausau Homes factory-built components to your local builder to be incorporated into the home. Your local builder will hire the subcontractors and material suppliers to complete the home and work with you every step of the process. Wausau Homes does not guarantee the obligations of your local builder.

"I cannot thank you enough for all you have done for our family. It has been a lifelong dream to build an escape in the woods and the building experience simply could not have been better."

Andy & Rasha