Can we use our own floor plan?

Yes— Your Wausau Homes Independent Builder can build from any plan that you like, and can fine-tune existing plans even further after taking your lifestyle and living habits into consideration.

If I’m not sure how exactly I want my new home to look, can you help?

Of course! We realize that homebuilding is a complex process and that everyone’s needs are different. You’ll sit down with your builder and discuss things like budget, your family size, desired square footage, and current home likes and dislikes. From there we’ll help you figure out how to work all of this into your new home design.

Will you help us find a lot?

Certainly. Wausau Homes Independent Builders have special relationships with realtors and land developers to help you find the perfect spot to build your new home. We’ll also work with you to identify potential unforeseen expenses for things like utility installation or excavation.

What if we already have a lot?

Great! After you’ve met with your builder to discuss your vision for your new home, they’ll schedule a lot visit to help lay out and visualize where certain rooms would place on your land.

Do your builders have recommended vendors?

All of our quality name brand suppliers have been carefully chosen and professionally displayed within our design studios to make it easy to choose all the quality elements for your home. You can also work with the local specialty retail store of your choice.

Is there a cost for an initial design rendering?

When you are comfortable with our pricing and building process, your Wausau Homes Independent Builder will ask for a deposit that can then be applied to the final purchase price of your home. This amount is agreed upon and collected by your builder once all of your selections have been made.

How long does the homebuilding process take?

Once on-site construction has begun, it can take as little as three months from the date the framework is placed to move-in date. Our process is to set an ideal move-in date and work backwards, giving yourself 3 months for building and 2 to 3 months for planning and design. You and your Wausau Homes Independent Builder will set a completion date in your contract.

Is there a build schedule that we must adhere to?

Wausau Homes has a simple step-by-step process to guide you through decision-making and planning, which ensures that your Wausau Homes Independent Builder will keep your schedule on track to meet your anticipated move-in date.

If I want to tear down and re-build, how does this differ from the usual process?

Tearing down and re-building is similar to building fresh on a new lot, and only extends the schedule beyond normal build time by a few days—tearing down an existing home and cleaning the lot only takes a day or two.