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Wisconsin Rapids Custom Home Design Studio

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Wausau Homes Wisconsin Rapids
1109 Natures Way
Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin 54494
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Bert Steckbauer
(715) 421-6417


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About Our Design Studio

Local business owner Bert Steckbauer has been working in construction for over two decades. He has lived in the Wisconsin Rapids area his whole life and is an established builder within the surrounding communities. Bert is an expert at navigating the homebuilding process and helps each home buyer create a home that’s unique to their needs.

Wausau Homes Wisconsin Rapids is a state-of-the-art design studio offering inspiration on everything from floor plans to finishing interior and exterior touches. Every family is different, so we custom design each home to fit your needs. The process starts with ensuring we deliver on our brand promise – Your Way, Firm Price, On Time. Our goal is to understand the vision for your home and provide a firm price. Once we break ground, we are committed to a move-in date that doesn’t change.

Each Wausau Homes Builder is an independent local business, so you can have the confidence and ease of dealing with a local builder. Plus, each Wausau Homes Builder has access to all of the Wausau Homes design tools and Wausau Homes components.

About The Area We Serve

The Wausau Homes Design Studio is located in Wisconsin Rapids, Wisconsin. Building custom homes in the Central Wisconsin region. We work with homebuyers in Adams, Wood, and Portage counties.



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