The Wausau Homes History

Over the last 50 years, Wausau Homes has refined a system of controlled construction that has revolutionized the industry. Wausau Homes originated as a dairy route in rural Marathon County Wisconsin. The Schuette Brothers used profits from that modest milk route to purchase a sawmill, where raw timbers were processed into framing lumber.

After the war, the brothers developed that sawmill into a one-stop building center, where contractors could purchase all of their materials for home construction from one source. With all the elements for home construction in place as their building center, the brothers tinkered with a revolutionary concept that grew to become Wausau Homes Incorporated.

What Sets US Apart

Wausau Homes started out as a lumberyard in the 1950s in Wausau, Wisconsin servicing local builders, but believed there had to be a better way to build homes. So we pioneered, and for nearly 50 years we fine-tuned a complete building system that is recognized as one of the best in the industry.

We work exclusively with carefully chosen independent professional custom home builders in local markets because they know the local codes and regulations, they have established relationships with reputable subcontractors in the area, and they are the most suited to do the best job for you. Your Wausau Homes Builder will help you with every step of the homebuilding process to make it a stress-free experience.

If you decide to build a Wausau Home, you will contract with an independent Wausau Homes Builder in your locale. Wausau Homes, Inc. will not be a party to that contract, but will supply the Wausau Homes factory-built components to your local builder to be incorporated into the home. Your local builder will hire the subcontractors and material suppliers to complete the home and work with you every step of the process. Wausau Homes does not guarantee the obligations of your local builder

Our Unique Building Process

"Thanks for the quality work and the beautiful home! It turned out better than what we had even thought it might! Better than our wildest dreams! We have nothing but praise for Wausau...!"

Doug & Alisa H., Janesville, IA