What is a functional home design? The COVID-19 pandemic and other factors in 2020 have changed the ways we interact with our homes. If you found your family battling the constraints of your current home, building a custom home designed specifically to meet your family’s needs, might be the solution you are looking for. Consider these pro tips for designing a comfortable and convenient custom home.

Adaptable Floor Plans

The recent trend of open-concept floor plans may no longer be as pleasing as before. An open-concept home may help your kitchen, dining room, and living room feel spacious, but can make it difficult to function when multiple family members are spending more time at home working, learning, and caring for young ones.

Consider an adaptable floor plan that incorporates a greater amount of separate living areas to give everyone a convenient workspace to concentrate on homework, video calls, physical activity, entertainment, or important business matters. When designing your floor plan take into account what rooms are adjacent to each other. Transition between rooms should flow seamlessly, but you also want to be considerate of noise cancelation between spaces.

If you find yourself limited for space, maximize the overall square footage and value of your home through designated multi-use rooms. Plan for larger bedrooms or master suites that offer extra room for a desk, a treadmill, a yoga mat, or a beautiful seating area.

If you still find yourself gravitating towards open layouts, consider incorporating the use of pocket doors to accomplish the look of the open concept feel, but in turn gives your family the adaptability to close the pocket doors for more privacy.

Professional Home Offices

Remote workers spend much of their day at a desk, so it’s crucial that you have a comfortable, calm, creative and convenient space. Consider turning that bonus room or cozy den into a designated home office space complete with a professional desk with ample storage, high-quality speakers, a comfy office chair, and plenty of natural light. Splurge on advanced home technology that will make this space functional and organized for maximum productivity.

Expanded Mudrooms

Don’t bring harmful germs back into your new home. Reimagine the design of your mudroom to include a transitional space where your family can dispose of clothes, take off shoes, and wash their hands immediately upon entry. Designate more square footage to your owner’s entry to accommodate a sink, built-in cubbies, coat racks, and ample shoe storage to keep your family safe and healthy.

Exterior Living Areas

With many families opting to stay home to protect their health and safety, many homeowners are enjoying more time outdoors in their own backyards. Whether you are looking to just get a little fresh air and soak up some rays, to exercising, grilling, or tossing the ball around, new homeowners are investing in more outdoor amenities. While planning your custom home design, don’t forget to include a welcoming outdoor space fit for your favorite activities.

Work with your builder to make full use of your backyard. Whether you’re building on a city lot or have acres of land at your disposal, make space in your plans and your budget for an outdoor living area. This could be as simple as a few lawn chairs on a patio, screened in porch, or even an enhanced experience with an outdoor kitchen, deck and hot tub, or even your very own basketball court.

Smart Home Technology

Due to the heightened awareness around sanitation and cleanliness, the rise of a hands-free mindset has more homeowners moving towards the adoption of smart home technology. Consider including voice-activated features throughout your home to control things such as lights, locks, faucets, and appliances. Investing in the top smart home gadgets can improve the energy efficiency, safety, and convenience of your new home.

Air Purification Systems

Spending more time at home makes your indoor air quality an important factor in your overall health. Poor air quality can increase the symptoms of allergies and asthma, as well as increase the risk of a bacterial or viral infection.

Invest in a state-of-the-art HVAC system with an air purification system. These systems not only keep the temperature in your home at an ideal level, but can also decrease the humidity and increase the air quality.

As added protection, consider choosing fixtures and finishes that are naturally antimicrobial. Brass, bronze, and copper all reduce the risk of spreading germs, so door handles and cabinet handles in these materials are popular for homeowners looking to reduce the spread of bacteria in their homes.

Find a Functional Home Design With Wausau Homes

Don’t let changes in school and work come between you and your family. Design a floor plan that fits your new normal and helps everyone enjoy a comfortable place to call home.

At Wausau Homes, we connect you with qualified, local contractors and offer custom home floor plans designed with your family’s best interests in mind. Find your favorite floor plan today and work with your local Wausau Homes Builder to customize every detail to ensure you enjoy a personalized home that’s functional, convenient, and safe for your loved ones.

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